Consignment and maintenance
Consignment and maintenance mode
Duty-free and license-free storage
it is allowed to store spare parts, tools, consumables and imported second-hand spare parts for maintenance
Import fast warehousing
from the airport to warehouse in the same day.
Delivering first, declaring afterwards in 24h
24 hours, 365 days of batch delivery and then centralized declaration.
Support borrowing procedures
Support diagnosis and testing, borrowing and returning
Duty-free within the warranty period
free replacement/no cost compensation mode
Bonded goods circulation
enterprises self-transport bonded goods circulation
Payment in foreign currency
payment in foreign currency based on sales or cost to settle profits retained by domestic or overseas entities
The return, destruction and transshipment
support overseas, dead stock return and bad pieces of scrap
Convenient handling of supervision documents
afterwards or exemption of cargo-related procedures