Information Service
Core Functions
Standardization + Informationization + Intelligence
Integrated cloud customs clearance
Through independently developed DMS and CMS systems, electronic ports across the country are seamlessly connected including single window/ Customs gold pass phase II, local regulatory authorities' big data platform and other interfaces. At the same time, the document center and customs affairs center can remotely provide support for local inspection and customs clearance.
Customs (State Inspection), Market Supervision Administration, Taxation Bureau, Administration of Foreign Exchange, Banks, Port Authority, Maritime Administration
Housekeeper series APP
In order to conduct closed-loop integrated tracking management and ensure numerous managers and users of all links (including customers, internal personnel and regulatory departments) can get real-time and convenient system experience, HMG has designed a range of mobile apps on IOS and Android operating platforms.

First, aiming at efficient and transparent real-time management of the last mile issues.
Four Apps have been introduced so far.