Biomedicine and apparatus
Available Services
Through the integration of HMG group's business resources, HMG provides one-stop service for the entire supply chain of the medical device industry, including raw material import logistics, distribution logistics and special services such as clinical trials, hospital direct delivery and sales logistics.
Medical apparatus
Our medical device business covers all kinds of medical devices such as low-value consumables, high-value consumables, diagnostic reagents, instruments and equipment, as well as derivative innovative services in the supply chain.
Medical equipment
According to the characteristics of the product, we develop a reasonable distribution plan and operation process for target customers. For instance, temperature controlled truck transportation, temperature controlled shock absorber truck transportation, etc.
Provide import agent service of biological products, provide fast customs clearance and 7*24 hours delivery service for customers by integrating resources.
Advantages of HMG
Own a strong operation team and
rich operation experience
Cooperate with a number of strong logistics suppliers to
ensure the accurate delivery of goods
Use the warehouse management system to accurately feedback the inventory information,
increase the turnover rate of goods,
reduce sluggish inventory
Biomedical equipment
12 hours -24 hours fast customs clearance
7*24 hours delivery