Information Service
Digital Technology
Digital supply chain platform Architecture
  • Hardware upgrad
  • offline service
  • full tracking
  • cloud sharing
  • source tracking platform
———    Supporting hardware support    ———
Digital operation Intelligent operation Intelligent platform
Realize the data acquisition and interconnection of all links of the whole horizontal business process
Orders, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing
Realize dynamic and independent vertical operation management
distribution, credit insurance, financing, foreign exchange receipt and payment, refund
Technical architecture of digital cross-border supply chain Integrated Service Platform
Platform system includes
  • commodity information system CIS
  • manifest information system MIS
  • order management system OMS
  • foreign trade service system TMS
  • customs clearance coordination system CCS
  • warehousing management system WMS(BG+RFID+PTLAVG)
  • settlement management system BMS
  • independent service system STS
  • quality management system QMS
  • auxiliary supervision system ASS
  • enterprise customs AEO system
  • butler series    
  • system data exchange interface
Improve the efficiency and transparency of cross-border trade supply chains
Centering on the business flow, goods flow, capital flow, information flow and capacity flow, the center of the supply chain takes orders as clues to track the activities in all links of the supply chain and realize the visual management of the supply chain. In this process, various kinds of data related to the operation and development of the enterprise are precipitated to support the business decision and forecasting based on data analysis.